ScreamRide Achievements Guide

The ScreamRide Achievements guide will help you unlock all the different ones that are in the game. Follow the complete list below of all the ScreamRide Achievements that you will need to unlock to complete the game 100% as you progress through the entire gameplay and unlock them. See below our ScreamRide achievements guide and links to help you get through the different missions in this game.

ScreamRide Achievements

Series 1 Complete 30
Complete Series 1
Series 2 Complete 30
Complete Series 2
Series 3 Complete 30
Complete Series 3
Series 4 Complete 30
Complete Series 4
Series 5 Complete 30
Complete Series 5
Series 6 Complete 30
Complete Series 6
Screamer 35
Complete all ScreamRider levels
Engineer 35
Complete all Engineer levels
Demolition Wo/Man 35
Complete all Demolition Expert levels
All Day, ‘Ery Day 100
100% all Campaign levels
Demolitions Graduate 5
Complete the First Demolitions Expert level
Engineer Graduate 5
Complete the First Engineer level
ScreamRider Graduate 5
Complete the First ScreamRider level
Generate a total Scream Rating of over 250,000,000 in the campaign
Bulk, Smash! 35
Demo Expert: Gain a Scream Rating total of 100,000,000
Get Outta Here! 20
Engineer: Eject 500 riders
Don’t, Look, Down 15
Engineer: Build a coaster with a drop height of 190m
Nothing but Net 5
Demo Expert: Launch a coaster car more than 300m
Dayum Dayum Dayum 10
Demo Expert: Cause over 1,800,000 damage in a campaign level
Boomshakalaka 20
Demo Expert: Cause 20+ explosions in a campaign level.
It’s GOOD 5
Demo Expert: Send a car or cabin through a goal post.
3, 2, 1 10
Demo Expert: Launch 500 cabins
I Hope You Have Insurance 5
ScreamRider: Crash a coaster
Manual Labor 25
ScreamRider: Spend 20 consecutive seconds on two wheels
Perfecto 25
ScreamRider: Get 1,000 Perfects
Rodney! 25
ScreamRider: Spend a total of 30 minutes on two wheels
Ready, Eddy, Go 5
ScreamRider: Get a Perfect start
Safe Landing 15
ScreamRider: Get 25 Perfect landings
Laying Track 15
Engineer: Place down 10km of track
He’s On Fire 20
Demo Expert: Pass through 100 hoops
Crushed It 20
Demo Expert: Launch a cabin over 500m

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