Saints Row The Third Review (Xbox 360, PS3)

As you have played the previous 2 games you know that the saints are not about to settle for last place in steelport. To start building their street Cred the saints will need to take over Steelport by taking over the three other gangs,  completing new challenges, earn money and respect  on the street.

Before you begin playing the game you are giving the option to customize your character to you liking. In Saint Row The Third customization will be hard to find two alike customized characters. The customization is a huge part of the game as you are able to custmize your body, clothing, be a man or woman  and your vehicles. Saints Row The Third give you unlimited options of how to you want to dress up your character.

The game is about having have a good time while earning money or respect in steelport. There are Various ways to earn money, civilians and enemies after being killed will drop money, beaking open Gambling machines, ATMs, completing missions and activities. One of the activity which can get you good money is the insurance fraud which is not new activity but infact a much fun and rewards you with good money.  Some of the new activities are Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax, Tank Mayhem, Guardian Angel, Trafficking you will spend a good amount of time getting these activities completed. With money you can buy territory, weapons and upgrades to many of your items.

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Respect is earned by completing Activities and Diversions, and by killing rival Gang Members which give you new abilities that you can unlock like no fall damage. Doing diversions earns you respect and money but is not as rewarding as doing the activities. In the Saint Row The Third you don't need your respect to move on to new levels instead is used more to upgrade your skills

Besides stealing any car that you want to have or killing anyone that you choose too Saints Row The Third gives you the option to complete missions that allow you to unlock vehicles that you would dream to have in your garage. You also get a F-69 VTOL hover jet and fly it around. The fun part about this is that you have a unlimited supply of vehicles that you can just get as many as you want.

In the audio and graphics this is where Saints Row The Third fails. The graphics are not to the level of uncharted 3 or even batman arkham city, instead they would have been good for last year but not for today. The audio and voice acting is not that impressive and lacks lots of realism, the only great thing about the audio is listening to the different types of radio stations when you are driving a car.

Saints Row The Third is a game that it has its own taste on what fun is in a game and if you like this type of tast then this game is good for you. WIth the high level of customization, getting your respect by doing all the activities in the game will keep you busy for about 20 hours to complete the entire game.


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