A user NeoGAF revealed the existence of a document that allegedly shows the production of an “Xbox One”, this is a screenshot of a screen on which a production order that is written in Chinese characters is appreciated.

Although some translations believe that the order refers to a “Xbox One II”, others propose “Xbox One Second Generation”. But its characteristics could well be the Slim version of the next-generation system Microsoft previously had already been reported.

In the photograph shows that the manufacture of this system began in February 2016, but the project began in 2014. According to the information disclosed, series production is carried at a rate of 400,000 units per week. Another indicator displays the following data: 600-800 g, which may be the corresponding to the weight of the device.

In the last month, several reports have indicated that both Sony and Microsoft are preparing new versions of their consoles. In the case of the Japanese firm is even talk of considerably improved edition , which was first called PlayStation PlayStation 4 4.5 and later NEO.


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