RUMOR: Seth Gordon to Direct UNCHARTED The Movie

According to a report Sony is in talks with the director, Seth Gordon, to handle UNCHARTED the movie. In addition to The King of Kong, a documentary that follows the steps acclaimed Steve Wiebe to snatch the world record for Donkey Kong Billy Mitchell, Gordon also recently directed Horrible Bosses.

To recap a bit, the director David O. Russell left the project in 2011 due to creative differences. At that time it was said that Mark Wahlberg would have the role of Nathan Drake and act alongside Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. However, it is believed that Wahlberg is no longer associated with the film.

After it was announced that Neil Burger would take the reins of the tape, but also left in August 2012 for unknown reasons. It is said that the latest version of the script for the film was written by David Guggenheim (Safe House). Apparently his work was well received, which allowed him to also write the script for Bad Boys 3. For now, we can only wait for official confirmation, since neither Sony nor a representative of Seth Gordon have confirmed their participation in the project.

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