RUMOR: Diddy Kong is return to Mario Kart 8

RUMOR: Diddy Kong is return to Mario Kart 8

The latest edition of the official Nintendo magazine in Europe states that Diddy Kong is playable character in the upcoming racing title Nintendo, Mario Kart 8 The information, however, is not yet confirmed by the Japanese company.; also the director of print publication indicated that the data displayed on the chimpanzee were wrong.

It should be noted that although the chief of the magazine mentioned that it was a mistake, never specified if that concerned that details of Diddy Kong as part of the roster of the game are false or that unveiled soon.

On the other hand, an Italian website published a picture of the character selection menu; in this, we see that the total workforce of the game will feature 30 drivers, but 3 slots still remain overshadowed by question marks. Meanwhile, the rest of the places are occupied by runners Nintendo unveiled in recent months.

Mario Kart 8 Wii U to exclusively debut on May 30. Regarding the inclusion of Donkey Kong’s nephew, will have to wait for official details from Nintendo to confirm (or deny) definitely delivering careers. We await for Nintendo to make the rumor a confirmation.


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