Rocket League Patch 1.03 is underway

The patch 1.03 for Rocket League arrive next week. This, according to Psyonix, study game developer.

The official patch notes have not yet been published, but the official site of Rocket League , the study details the following improvements:

  • Many have been fixed in version crasheos Steam.
  • The newsletter should run correctly. Previously displayed the message: “You’re out of line, please connect to the Internet for news!”
  • The difficulty of the bots will automatically adjust the average skill level of the players in the game.
  • The distance traveled will be registered online. Before, the only way to win the trophy for driving 500 km was to play offline.
  • The virtuoso achievement unlocked correctly on Steam.
  • Invisible online car will be less frequent.
  • Multiple graphical improvements in the main menu.

Rocket League thought was a super fun game thanks to its simple mechanics, but difficult to master.

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