Respawn defends criticism of 12 simultaneous players in Titanfall

Respawn defends criticism of 12 simultaneous players in Titanfall

Drew McCoy, of Respawn Entertainment , has used the known and populous NeoGAF forums to come to the defense of the decision of 12 concurrent users for the Titanfall multiplayer.

There is still a lot of people who want design the game from the comfort of your home. suggest playing it before I judge it by something as insignificant, “said McCoy at the ferocity of the criticism registered internet since announcing the 6 vs. 6. 

What’s amount of things happening at once on a map, you shall be very impressed to see how the action never stops. literally have to stop every few rounds because my heart rate sometimes can not handle it, “he said. “Remember you can have your Titan in free mode directed by the IA or fly it, but if we all opt for the former there are up to 12 drivers more hanging around.

Titans pounding and dozens of other AIs doing his thing”. “Vince was right, “he added about Zampella’s words this morning claiming it was the perfect figure to maximize the fun. “We tried a lot of different counts of players (from 1-on-1 lowest to other higher numbers), and have designed maps, gameplay mechanics and the full experience around what was more fun.

If someone is looking for big numbers, may not experience what they are looking for.

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