Resistance 3 all Journal Locations “Archivalist Trophy ” Guide

Now if you are missing any journal while playing the game, here is a full video guide showing you all the resistance 3 journal locations.  With the videos below you are sure to find all of them so you can complete all the missions during the game.


Resistance 3 Journal Location Par 1 Resistance 3 Journal Location Par 2
Resistance 3 Journal Locations/Guide "ARCHIVALIST" Trophy Part 1/2 Resistance 3 Journal Locations/Guide "ARCHIVALIST" Trophy Part 2/2

Haven, OK
Chapter 1
1-Feral Vs. Military (Text) — At the very start of the game, this journal is located next to Joseph Capelli's wife, Susan.
2-Postcard from Bogota (Text) — As you head to the firing range, you'll notice a woman sweeping. The journal is on the bed just to her right.

Chapter 2
3-Bite Protocol (Text) — At the start of chapter 2, this journal is located in the room next to where you start.
4-Note to Jon Harper (Text) — Look for a desk with a chalkboard next to it, it's located

Mt. Pleasant, PA
Chapter 10
22-Cooling Towers (Malikov) — This is in the same mine as the Journey to Hanover journal, but in a different path. Keep searching, you'll find it on your way up a small hill.
23-God's Will (Text) — Look for a "Tunnel Ahead" sign to the left of the bridge where you get the Wildfire and fight the dropship.

Chapter 11
24-Satan (Text) — In the first section of the town filled with Grim, go through the southern most house. Go up the ladder and before go through the meta

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