Resident Evil Village: Maiden Demo Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough for the Resident Evil Village: Maiden Demo.

The Dungeon

You wake up to discover you’re trapped in a cell in a mysterious dark dungeon. you wanna start by looking around at the walls where you’ll locate a Scrap of Paper.

Pick it up and follow the in-game tutorial to examine. Reading it provides you with clues that’ll help you in escaping the dungeon and getting out of the castle but they’re vague. The first of the many hints is “Look around for the way, get on your hands and knees if you must“, following this, you’ll wanna locate the wooden bed, and located underneath being the tunnel and your escape from your cell.

Now that you’re out of your cell, the dungeon is free to explore. There are multiple cells scattered throughout the dungeon with the first one containing medical supplies and a note. The others will primarily contain implements of torture with two cells being chained closed. Looking into these two cells, you’ll notice hanging half-devoured bodies. The only cell of interest currently is one that contains a woman’s body slumped against a barrel and the text “Help me brother” written on the wall.

Continue down the hallway where you’ll come across a barred door, look to the left of the door where you’ll locate a metal box on a stand and examine it but you’ll notice right away that you don’t have any way of opening it. Once you exit the item menu, you’ll hear a sound come from behind you, head back through the dungeon to the room with the dead woman in it. You’ll now find her body laying on the ground with Bolt Cutters in her back.

Grab them and make your way to the chained cells, you’ll wanna located the one closest by that contains two buckets inside, cut the chains and make your way to the right bucket filled with blood and examine it, where you’ll find a Lockpick.

Second Hint: Then, search for the thing you’ll need to escape. It will be where they’ll least suspect, soaked in blood.

Make your way back to the door and use the lockpick on the metal box. Once it opens, pull the lever and the door will open, allowing you to escape the dungeon.

The Cellar

You’ll find yourself in an ornate room lit by a single torch hanging in the center of the room. Keep moving forward into the next room, where there are barrels on racks with a liquid leaking and covering the floor. There’s nothing in this room for you to examine, so you can continue moving forward.

Follow the blood up the stairs and into the next room, and as you get closer, you catch the glimpse of a shadow of someone in the room. Make your way up, where you’ll see a table in the middle and a barrel to your left. A hand is sticking out and begins to move weakly before becoming still. There will be a door that looks like a way out but as you try to leave, you soon discover it’s locked.

The third hint says, “The door there won’t lead to salvation. The light will lead you down the right path“, knowing this, you must look for a light source. Heading around to the other side of the room, you’ll notice a cabinet cracked open and a light shining through, open it up and crawl through.

You’ll find yourself in a small room, which looks like there nowhere to go. Continue to follow the light and you’ll find a brick, examining it will push it and open the door and the path forward.

Head up the stairs and there will be a note on the barrel, read it to learn a little more about this place you’re trying to escape and the people who inhabit it. Once you’re done, simply climb up the ladder and you’re out of the cellar.

The Castle

Continue forward, making your way through a crack in the wall and you’ll enter a opulently decorated room. Grab the Necklace on the table and head through the door.

Necklace of animal bones used to ward away evil. Taken from me when I was thrown in that dungeon.

Keep moving down the hallway, where you’ll stumble across a door that is cracked open and you get closer, you’ll see someone walk by but as soon as you go through there’s seems to be no one in sight. Now in a large foyer, follow the path where you come across a door with bust imbedded in it. Examining it, you’ll discover that it’s missing something.

One eye is just an empty socket.

Make your way down the staircase and halfway down you hear a laugh but for now, ignore it and continue downstairs. Once down, you’ll soon find that two doors are locked, continue your way to the third door, examining the fireplace along the way. There’s seem to be clothes burning similar to that your wearing or so says your character. To the left of the fireplace, they’ll be a note, listing names of potential candidates but for what. On the table under the stairs, they’ll be a teacup, examining it will leave you with more questions than answers.

Follow the blood trails into the only open door, that’ll lead you into the dining room. An open window and the winds blowing in, giving you a view of the courtyard but the door leading out is locked. Search the table for a wine glass and examine it to locate a ring with a maroon eye set in it. Open your inventory and examine the ring more closely to remove the eye.

With the eye in hand, head back into the foyer and up the stairs to the locked door and use the maroon eye to open the door. Once inside, you can examine a book in the back of the room, where you can learn a little about the history pertaining to a particular vintage of wine made by the Dimitrescus, the family that owns the castle.

There are three cabinets in the room that can be opened, and opening the one directly left of the book holds the Courtyard Key your looking for.

Now that you have the key, make your way back to the dining room. As you start making your way down the stairs, a voice will say, “I’m watching you.” Continue down into the foyer and head toward the door, where you’ll hear the voice again, this time saying, “I won’t last until diner.” before one of the daughters appears before the door blocking your path. As she makes her way to you, try to get around her… in doing so you might get caught but once you can, continue moving and head through the dining room door and use the key on the door to the courtyard.

But as soon as you unlock the door, they get opened by Lady Dimitrescu, where she’ll then grab the character and thus ending the Maiden Demo.

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