Resident Evil 7 Files Locations – The Devil is in the Details Achievement

The Resident Evil 7 Files Locations are one of the collectibles that you find in the game. In total there are 32 files and they provide extra game history information to help you get through the game. The Resident Evil 7 Files locations are in the same in the difficulties Easy, Normal and madhouse mode. Once you gather and read all the files in resident evil 7 you will unlock the Devil is in the details achievement and trophy.  For more on completing Resident Evil 7 Stratgegy Guide Walkthrough check link.

Former House

File Location 1 : Just start the game opens the inventory and examines the E-mail Mia.

File Locations 2 and 3 : Advances in history to reach the cell that is Mia. Just to the right you will see a table with a File Location that you should read on both sides.


Main house

File Location 4 : In the main dining room. Nothing else take control of Ethan examines the notes you see on the furniture that is to the right of the bar of the kitchen

File Location 5 : In the main living room. Examine the newspapers that are on the table.

File Location 6 : In the main hall. Examine the newspapers that are on the table that is to the right of the door which requires key Scorpion.

File Location 7 : In the recreation room. Examines the File Location you are near the door leading to the terrace area.

File Location 8 : In the recreation room. Within a drawer shelf is closer television.

File Location 9 and 10 : Advances in history to reach the staircase leading down to the processing area. Before going down that ladder go to the room that is kept at the bottom and look in the drawer that is closer to the trunk. Read the writing on both sides to get the two File Locations.


File Location 11 : In the area of the morgue. Just to the left of the only booth that you will see in the area.

File Locations 12 and 13 : First you must collect the key Scorpion is in the central part of the processing area. Once again you have the recreation room of the main house and enters the room grandmother. In each of the desks in the area you will find a File Location.



File Location 14 : Inside the caravan, next to the cage containing the Magnum .44 .

Old house

File Location 15 : Go through the house to complete the puzzle of the shadow of the spider. After crossing to the other side of the house up the stairs you see to your right to see the File Location nailed to a door.

File Location 16 : After the first confrontation with Marguerite have to read this File Location inside a box in order to advance the story.

File Location 17 : In the same area the previous File Location. Climb the stairs and enter the room on the left to find the File Location near a piano.

File Location 18 : After completing the second match of Marguerite will end up returning to the caravan. Here you have a call with Lucas and when finished will have to examine the back of the head that is in the fridge.

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