Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Strategy Guide will help you complete the entire game.

In the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Strategy Guide will provide you with a walkthrough of the game itself in which you will see how to complete the game from the beginning until the end. Also in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard will give you tips, cheats, and many different guides in which it helps you advance through the game, along with it will give you some trophies and achievements guide to unlock them in the game. There are also many collectibles in the game that we will help you with finding the different sections of them in the game and help you unlock the mysteries of the game and advance through it by finding clues, weapons and leveling up.

As you play as Ethan Winters you will find yourself trying to check out the strange call from his wife that died years ago. Now if that does not get you skin up then check out the complete RE7 Biohazard Strategy guide that will take you through some scary and intense moments of the game. Follow our complete Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Strategy Guide that will help you guide you along the game.

In this part of the guide we tell you how to spend the game from start to finish getting all collectibles.

The guide is for all the difficulties of the game, easy, normal and insane asylum, but the latter has exclusive details such as having to collect 33 different currencies.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Guest House

The game begins with a scene in which we see Mia sending a video message to Ethan, her husband and protagonist of this release. After this first scene you see driving through Louisiana Ethan toward the guest house of Baker. Getting off take control of character and get the Achievement / Trophy She’s alive.

Before moving inventory opens by pressing Triangle / Y and examines the E-mail Mia to get the Document 1. Advancing along the road up to the fence surrounding the guest house of Baker examines the intercom and chain to check that there is no way in. Go right and examines the white van that you will see on the right to find some papers inside the recording equipment program, the protagonists of the demo of Resident Evil 7. Just to the left you will see a gate that has a hole through which you can move forward. Follow this path and end up making a jump to reach a bottom.

Upon reaching the area just in front you will see a bonfire in which there is a bag, pick it up and looks inside to find a Driving license and pass to get the Achievement / Trophy Eureka! advance to reach inside the guest house.

Walk around the house with tranquility after spending the kitchen and up the stairs to the second floor, nothing up looks to your right to see a tape recorder that lets you save the game and just on your right VHS Videotape 1. Go back down, moving down the hallway and enter the door you see to the right to reach the living room. You can examine a couple of photos and a piano before inserting the tape you just get in the player is on TV.

When the tape begins expected to take control of the character and before moving turn around and look down to the left to find. Follow your teammates to get to the kitchen and use the crowbar to open the drawer of the shelf on the right to get the Achievement / Trophy Master of Unlocking, there is nothing inside the box but it is a necessary step. From this point just follow your teammates to complete the tape.

Once you have completed the tape back to the kitchen and examines the drawer you just opened to find the Ancient Coin 1 inside. Return to the living room and examines the handle of the fireplace to enter the passage you saw in the video and go down the staircase to reach the basement.

Go through the tunnels until you reach an area where you see a cell. Approach the cell to check that there is a woman inside and you cannot open the door because there is a chain. Go to the left on a table find a list of names you have to read for both sides to get the Documents 2 and 3, just to the right you will see a Chain cutter you have to collect to break the chain that keeps you enter the cell. Once inside approach the woman is lying on the bed to discover that your wife Mia.

From this point you must follow Mia until a room in which there seems no way out. When Mia feels to rest on a sofa you will have to enter the store right there and examine the doll is on the shelf to hear her screaming Mia. Go back and follow the path to return to the first floor of the house.

advance down the hall and opened the dresser drawer of the hall to find the map guest house. In the bathroom you will find two normal Medicines and after some exploring the area hear a few noises, after listening again to the basement for a scene. After the scene will begin a confrontation with Mia in which you cannot do as much as you defend yourself directed the game, when finished exploring the area a bit more and get closer to Mia to have a second confrontation. In this case you can use an ax to defend yourself and after a couple of attacks will fall to the ground badly injured.

Returns to the hallway and explore a little the area until the phone rings the hall. To take the call you discover that it is a woman named Zoe and advises you to escape through the attic.

Now you must go to the first hall of the house and open the cupboard you see upon entering using the Chain cutters to find inside a fuse. Return to the living room and put it in the box you see near the piano. Now you must climb the ladder but halfway have a scene with an inevitable outcome. When you get down the stairs press the button to lower the ladder that leads to the attic.

As you climb the attic you must enter through the right door to reach a room where you will find the M19 gun, a box of ammunition and other normal drug. Exit the room and follow the corridor to the central area of the attic, as you enter you will see more ammo to your left and find another box over on a table that is in the back room.

When your ready climb the ladder you see in the attic and after climbing some stairs runs down and go to the other end of the area before Mia you take over and you attack with the chainsaw. To survive this fight Mia, have to shoot anywhere on your body, considering that head impacts will do more harm. Be very careful not to let them get too close and runs away if you see that. You can run around the attic, including the hall and the previous room but cannot return to the middle floor.


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