Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Mr. Everywhere Statuettes Locations – Achievement and Trophy

Hey Welcome to the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Mr. everywhere locations, the achievement and trophy that you will be able to unlock 20 Mr everywhere statues. Once you unlock all the 20 statues that you will need to break if you find them you’ll be able to reach 40 gamer points or the corresponding trophy. In Resident Evil 7 Biohazard will guide you through all the different locations of each Mr. Everywhere statue a step by step. For more on completing Resident Evil 7 Stratgegy Guide Walkthrough check link.

This is an on going guide, we will post them as we find them in the game.

Resident Evil 7 – All 20 Mr. Everywhere Statue Locations (Mr. Nowhere Achievement / Trophy)

Main house

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 1 : In the storage room that is closest to the central dining room, under the center table.

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 2 : As you look at the door leading to the central dining room look to the right to see it on a table.

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 3 : Just enter the central dining room look to your left to see it on a table.

Mr. Everywhere 4 Statuette : In the rec room, on top of a pedestal you’ll see near the pinball table.

Mr. Everywhere 5 Statuette : In the room you reach after completing the first shadow puzzle. To the right of the door that requires the Raven Key.

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 6 : Go to the central room and go through the bottom pillar, after descending a double flight of stairs you will reach a door that requires the Snake Key. As you look at the door look down to the right.


Mr. Everywhere 7 Statuette : You’ll see it between the steps of the caravan’s entry ladder.

Old house

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 8 : In the only storage room in the house. As you look at the chest looks to the left to see it on a shelf.

Mr. Everywhere 9 Statuette : Go into the Old House to enter through a fireplace after burning the hive that covered it using the Flamethrower. Just enter the chimney looking behind the pallet that you will see to your left.

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 10 : Move on the main mission until you reach a small tunnel in which you will have to find the Crank. Just before the crank you will see a shelf in which the collectible is.

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 11 : As you progress through the main mission you will arrive at a door that requires leveling a scale to open it. As you look at the door you will see the statue on your right.

Test area

Mr. Everywhere 12 Statuette : Go through the story until you reach the attic of the Main House in search of the Access Card (blue). Just walk up the ladder to the attic and turn around to see the statue.

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 13 : In the granary you will reach while you try to find Lucas. When you are crossing the central catwalk you look to your right to see it on top of a wooden pole.

Mr. Everywhere 14 Statuette : Advance through the Test Area until you find the D-Series Head during the main mission in a guard room. After passing the next door turn around and look at the top frame to see it.


Mr. Everywhere 15 Statuette : Go through the central zone walkway and when you reach a junction go to the right. In the background you will find a shed and inside the statuette under a fishing net.

Stranded boat

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 16 : On the fourth floor of the boat. Open the map and go to the staircase that is in the lower left corner, as you look at the staircase looks at the wall on the left to see it.

Figurine Mr. Everywhere 17 : On the second floor of the boat. Open the map and go to the room in the upper right corner, in this room you will have to climb a ladder and turn around to see it.


Mr. Everywhere 18 Statuette : Go through the area until you reach a shed. When you leave it, go over the left side to see the statue on the facade of the shed.

Salt mine

Mr. Everywhere 19 Statuette : Move through the Salt Mine until you push a wagon that opens access to an area in which there is a laboratory. As you arrive the area passes underneath the central walkway and goes to the wooden box that is at the bottom of the left side, as you look the box looks up to see the statuette next to a few barrels.

Main house

Mr. Everywhere Statuette 20 : As soon as you get out of the Salt Mine you will arrive at a room where you should look in the lower shelf of the central shelf.


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