Rave in the Redwoods Zombies Pack a Punch Tutorial Guide all Steps

Rave in the Redwoods Zombies Pack a Punch Tutorial Guide all Steps

In this guide will provide you with all the steps in how you can get the Call of Duty Pack a punch in Rave in the Redwoods zombies dlc. To get the pack a punch you have to complete the following steps. You will need to turn on the power, get the boat, get film to use with the projector. Also for all weapons and complete walkthrough, how to activate upgrade crossbow, how to kill rave slasher, boat parts and film locations for Rave in the Redwoods follow our zombies strategy guide and complete walkthrough.

Rave in the Redwoods Turn on the Power

  • To turn on the power you only need to do it once and this is located in the Old Marvin Mine that is next to the recreation area. To get to the Old
  • Marvin Mine you will need to go from the spawn area head east to mess hall and up through the cabins and head towards the left to side until you
  • reach the Old Marvin Mine. Once you reach the old marvin mine you just turn on the power.

Rave in the Redwoods Get all parts for the boat

  • The first part is located in the Mess Hall building next to where you spawn. but first you will need to enable the power to the whole island
  • The second part is located in the top floor from where you spawn as you go up the stairs where the juggernaut machine is.
  • The third part is located in the Recreation Area, next to the old marvin mine.

Rave in the Redwoods get all the parts to build the projector

  • Go to the Turtle Island by using the boat that you built the projector that is located in the island
  • The first reel is located in the docks next to the white tail beach
  • The second reel is located in the Turtle Island which can be found outside the little house where the projector is located or next to the fire place .
  • Go to the projector and build it and it will be able to project a screen where you can walkthrough it and pack a punch any weapon that you want to.
  • Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and there is more coming for Call of Duty Raven in the Redwoods strategy guide.


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