Rave in the Redwoods boat parts

In this guide we will show you in Rave in the redwoods zombies how to build the boat that will take you across the lake and help you get to the places where the puck-a-punch machine is. Building the boat is essential and follow the steps below to finding the boat parts locations in the call of duty rave in the redwoods zombies dlc. Also for all weapons and complete walkthrough, how to activate upgrade crossbow, how to kill rave slasher, for Rave in the Redwoods follow our zombies strategy guide.

  • The first part is located in the Mess Hall building next to where you spawn. but first you will need to enable the power to the whole island
  • The second part is located in the top floor from where you spawn as you go up the stairs where the juggernaut machine is.
  • The third part is located  in the Recreation Area, next to the old marvin mine.


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