Rave in the Redwoods Zombies rave slasher

In this guide it will show you in Call of Duty Rave in the Redwoods zombies how to kill the rave slasher. The rave slasher is a boss that follows you around only when you activate the rave mode and have reached at least level 10 in zombies. Now the rave slasher is a two type boss, which means that you will have to defeat him twice. Once when he is a normal rave slasher and the 2nd time is kinda when he is a super rave slasher. Both versions are hard to defeat as in the beginning you may not have great weapons if you get  hit once by him you completely go down very easily. Also for all weapons and complete walkthrough, how to activate upgrade crossbow for Rave in the Redwoods follow our zombies strategy guide.

Tips on how to Defeat Rave Slasher – You will want to be level up before you even take the rave slasher. Not enough power will not do any damage and you will just end up running around like a scared chiken.

You and everyone in your group will need to be in rave mode for all of you to fight against the rave slasher. Taking him alone could be the end of you.

Rack up money as fast as you can to acquire enough to purchase weapons and acquire as many gems as you can in Rave in the redwoods zombies to level up and acquire perks as you progress through it.

It has been proven and we can confirm that in call of duty rave in the redwoods zombies to kill rave slasher you will need to be over level 10 or more as this boss is more tough to defeat than spaceland and more work will need to be done to complete the entire easter egg and acquire the wonder weapons.

In case you don’t have any good cards you can use 2 gas grenades and he should go down.

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