Rage comes with lots of weapons and gadgets to help you fight along when you are playing the campaign. There a couple of weapons and gadgets that are cool to use, like the double barrel shotgun or the Personal Turret.




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    Wingstick – Throwable weapon used to kill at close range, an engineering item

    Striker Crossbow – Silent but deadly

    Combat Shotgun – More boom for your buckshot

    Authority Machine Gun – Used by the members of The Authority

    Balloon Bomb – An explosive device carried by a balloon, an engineering item

    RC Bomb Car – Remote Control Car that has explosive goodness, an engineering item

    Double Barrel Shotgun – Double the fun (preorder)

    Fists of RAGE – All Berserk, all the time (preorder)

    Settlers Assault Rifle – The main weapon of the Wellspring settlers

    Personal Turret – Your personal bodyguard, an engineering item

    Sentry Bot – Handy-dandy daddy long-legged turret, an engineering item

    Rocket Launcher – Rid yourself of large groups with this beauty

    Settler Pistol – A standard issue pistol

    HE Grenade – A Frag-like Grenade

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