Quantum Break Walkthrough Act 1 Gameplay, Collectibles

Welcome to Quantum Break Walkthrough for Act 1 in which will show you some gameplay and all the collectibles that will be gathered in the game.

Act 1 Part 2 Campus Scape

In this act 1 you will be escaping from campus along with your brother Will. In Act 1 you will be faced with several obstacles and you will be enabling your power in which you ar able to freeze time. You will be playing as Jack Joyce who is one of three that has discovered that they can manipulate time. Jack’s powers appear to be largely based around that of Chronokinesis, the ability to manipulate and control time itself at will. This ability allows Jack to become a blur while dashing, presumably moving fast enough outside the a normal time flow that enemies will lose or cannot track him. Jack’s powers allow him to operate within stutters in time; he can pull objects or people stuck inside the zero state into his sphere of influence.

TOC: Walkthrough | Review | Documents | Quantum Ripples | Intel Locations | Computer & Media Locations | Chronon Sources Locations

As you make your way out from the Riverport University  you will make it to the Library in which you will now focus in searching for your brother Will.

Act 1 Part 3 Library Chase – Rescue Will

In the Quantum Break Walkthrough for Act 1 Part 3 in the Library Chase you will be looking for your Brother Will before the enemy does. Follow the complete Act 1 part 3 in which will guide you through the entire part, in this part you  will enable Times Echoes and Focus time as you enable the various powers that you have gained do to this secret project that looks more like something they do at CERN.

Act 1 Junction: Hardline / PR


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