Quantum Break is releasing 2016

Quantum Break is releasing 2016

Shannon Loftis, directors of Microsoft, said in a statement that Quantum Break strengthen launches Xbox One in 2016, because this year the company will focus on titles like Halo 5: Guardians , Rise of the Tomb Raider , Fable Legends , Forza Motorsport 6 and others to be announced in the coming months.

“With so many games coming later this year, moving Quatum Break 2016 extends our incredible portfolio until the following year, with a new IP monstrous. “Loftis said. This decision corresponds to what Phil Spencer had previously commented on moving some games that were originally scheduled to debut in 2015.

Is expected to be some major announcements for exclusive Xbox at E3 2015, where he deepens possibly more on the development of new Gears of War .

For its part, Microsoft confirmed that the project of a live-action series Quantum Break remains, regardless Entertainment Studios Xbox was dismantled last year.


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