Quantum Break confirms the return of Alan Wake

Last week we learned of the registration of the mark Alan Wake’s Return , sparking speculation about the return of the writer by Remedy Entertainment. Now, theories resurface, it seems that the study left some tracks in their latest game, Quantum Break.

We must warn you that this information can be managed as a spoiler, and if you want to discover it for yourself, you can expect to play Quantum Break . However, if you are immune to spoilers, you can go ahead.

Thanks to Sam Lake, creative director of Remedy, last December we learned that Quantum Break will easter eggs of Alan Wake . Now, just a few weeks of its release, Polygon had the chance to try it , and reported that the game includes a live action trailer of possible Alan Wake’s Return

According to the media, players can interact with a TV during the first minutes of Quantum Break . By doing a live action cinematic trailer with Alan Wake appears, and at the end, the phrase “RETURN”, in the same way that the manuscript appears in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for Xbox 360.

For now, do not know whether this concerned only a easter egg, or probably an indication that the next game will bring back Remedy Alan Wake. The truth is that theories of Quantum Break and Alan Wake are just about to begin.

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