Quantum Break Chronon Sources Locations Guide – Collectibles

Quantum Break Chronon Sources locations guide will help you find the different sections within the game

In this guide will help you on finding all the Quantum Break Chronon Sources Locations in the game in which it will show you all the different areas where they can be found. The Quantum Break Chronon Sources Locations are items that you can unlock during the game that tell a lot about the story of the game of what is going on. Finding the Chronon Sources Locations allow you to find additional information in the game which helps you get through the different areas of it and find out what is going on in the story plot. Quantum Break is a super natural type of game in which you will use different abilities to complete the game and below you can find all the Chronon Sources locations that will help you complete the game 100% and unlock information about it. There are 60 chronon Sources that you will need to find in the game and once you find them you are able to use them to upgrade your skills tree which allows you to become more powerful.

TOC: Walkthrough | Review | Documents | Quantum Ripples | Intel Locations | Computer & Media Locations | Chronon Sources Locations

Quantum Break Jack Joyce Abilities (Skills Tree)

The 6 abilities are, Time Vision, Time Stop, Time Dodge, Time Shield, Time Blast and Time Rush.

  • Time Vision: Use it to interact with other objects
  • Time Blast: it breaks time in a focused area with destructive results.
  • Time Rush: it allows running while time is frozen, escaping mortal danger.
  • Time Dodge: a quick dash out of harm’s way.
  • Time Shield: a protective bubble that can deflect bullets.
  • Time Stop: freezes time in a focused area, including opponents and objects.

Quantum Break Documents Locations Act 1, Part 1  Riverport University Experiment

Quantum Break | All Collectibles | Act 1, Part 2 | Campus Escape

Quantum Break | All Collectibles | Act 2, Part 1 | Industrial Area | Junction: PR

Quantum Break | All Collectibles | Act 2, Part 2 | Ground Zero | Junction: PR

Quantum Break | All Collectibles | Act 2, Part 3 | Bradbury Swimming Pool | Junction PR

Quantum Break | All Collectibles | Act 3, Part 1 | Research Facility | Junction Business


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