Quake Champions adds new characterds

Tim Willits, creative director of id Software, has revealed new information about the kinds of characters that will be available in the next game Quake Champions .

In a recent interview , the developer explained that his study decided to introduce new classes so that fans could play this title in different ways, as in the case of Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch .

The characters in Quake Champions will be called, naturally champions. Each will have different abilities; however, regardless of their character, all players are free to take all the weapons of the stage. Then we invite you to meet them.


Also known as QuakeGuy, was the first selectable character in Quake . Originally, his voice actor was Trent Reznor, amember of the band Nine Inch Nails, who also composed the soundtrack for the game.

Active skills Ranger, called Dire Orb allows you to teleport. This attack is a tribute to the final boss of the first Quake.


His first appearance as a selectable character occurred in Quake 3: Arena . Visor has a power called Piercing Sight, with which you can see his enemies through walls and other barriers.


Nyx is a completely new character and is also the favorite kind of Willits. She moves faster than the other champions, you can blend with the environment and become temporarily invisible.


Another rookie in franchise Bearer Scale is the class tank Quake Champions . It is also the greatest champion announced so far and is able to attack opponents with the ability Bull Rush.

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