PS4 Firware 3.0 allows you to stream to YouTube, share videos on Twitter and more.

The PlayStation 4 firmware 3.0 update, codenamed Kenshin, is now available for download by all users of the current generation console from Sony. This patch will occupy approximately 250 MB on the hard disk.

This update brings major changes have been managed from the feedback from all users who participated in the Beta patch, according to previous statements of the company.

The new version of the system software focuses on the implementation of new ways to connect with friends and players around the world, which will make the gaming experience a much more social environment, thanks to the online features.

An example of this is the opportunity to share video on Twitter, directly from the PlayStation 4 so we can share brief scenes of our games easily. The maximum length of the video is 10 seconds.

PlayStation 4 Version 3.0 firmware now has service direct transmission to YouTube, with a new option in the Screen menu Transmission, which you do streaming directly to the website of world’s most important videos.

In addition, the interface now include a section especially dedicated to PlayStation Plus membership to pay, where you can easily manage affiliate services.

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