Project Scorpio Full Specifications, Better Than PS4 Pro

Digital Foundry members were invited last week to the offices of Microsoft to give out week Project Scorpio , the company ‘s next console. Hence the technical specifications of this new hardware were confirmed.

“Combining smart design with sheer horsepower, Project Scorpio hits the six-teraflop target set for it as E3 last year thanks to a custom GPU that has been designed, from day one, to maximise the performance of existing Xbox One games – and that runs at an unprecedentedly high clock speed for a console,” he says.

“The GPU is paired with 12GB of very fast GDDR5 memory and a custom eight-core CPU, and the whole thing is housed in a compact body with integrated power supply and, for a console, state-of-the-art cooling. Performance is remarkable. We saw a Forza Motorsport demo running on the machine at native 4K and Xbox One equivalent settings, and it hit 60 frames per second with a huge performance overhead – suggesting Scorpio will hit its native 4K target with ease on most games, and have power to spare to spend on other visual improvements.”

According to the source, the x86 processor cores Scorpio are 31% faster than Xbox One in order to reduce latency and deliver better performance. Scorpio Engine does not use the technology Ryzen AMD processors. “In terms of CPU, could you reach our goals design with some custom changes. At the end of the day, we are a consumer product. We wanted to reach prices that consumers want to buy. This is to balance things,” he said Gammill.

On the other hand, the audio processor is the same as found on Xbox One, but has new features such as spatial audio, which adds a new dimension (height) to 7.1 configuration.

Project Scorpio will have a design that seeks to minimize the heat and be smart. To achieve this, the console will present a steam chamber (similar to what we have seen in some graphics cards) that draws heat with a fan. It also has an internal power supply that, they say, is more efficient than has been present in Xbox hardware.

No doubt everything, everything sounds impressive, but what is the result of having this power of hardware? According to Digital Foundry, Turn10 Studio showed them a demo developed in ForzaTech running at 4K and a rate of 60 frames per second. While work is still unfinished, the development team found that Project Scorpio has the power to introduce 4K textures without the bandwidth of memory has problem.

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