Problems with downloading The Wolf Among Us Episode 2

Problems with downloading The Wolf Among Us Episode 2

Judging by numerous testimonies on forums Telltale Games, the season pass for The Wolf Among Us on Xbox 360 has a problem. What happens is it prevents those who bought the download itself-late-second episode of the show without paying for it again.

The Wolf Among Us

“I bought the Season Pass, but it is only the option to buy episode 2, there is no option to download the Season Pass. Why not handled this better?” Says the review topic and post, as that there are several, even some who claim to have turned to alternatives like reinstall the game and clear the console cache, without success.

The problem is compounded by remembering that episode 2, Smoke and Mirrors, arrived several weeks late due to problems Telltale Games did not elaborate. However, there is no way of knowing, at this point, if the failure is the fault of the studio or Microsoft, which controls the ecosystem Xbox LIVE.


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