Prey Keyboard Controls and Commands

In this guide we will show you the Prey keyboard controls and commands that you can us in the game when playing it on the PC you will be ahead as you will know controllers better commands to help you in the game.

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A/Left Arrow = Turn Left

W/Up Arrow = Walk Forward

S/Down Arrow = Walk Backwards

D/Right Arrow = Turn Right

F1 = Help

F5 = Quick Save

F9 = Quick Load

E = Spirit Walk

F = Lighter

G = Grenade

C/Shift = Crouch

Spacebar = Jump

Prnt Scrn = Screenshot

End = Center View

1 = Wrench

2 = Rifle

3 = Crawler

4 = Leech Gun

5 = Auto Cannon

6 = Acid Sprayer

7 = Launcher


Mouse Controls

Left Mouse Button – Primary Fire

Right Mouse Button – Alternate Fire

Mouse Scroll – Change Weapons

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