Prey Glitch gives you unlimited resources

Although Prey takes just one day on the market, players have found a glitch that will greatly facilitate our journey through Talos I. Several users Youtube video showed that by this error, you can duplicate and create unlimited resources. This will allow us to, among other things, the amount you want of ammunition and objects to restore our health.

To successfully accomplish this trick, we will have a preview of a couple of hours in the game, because it is required to access the office Morgan Yu, star of Prey. Within this location we will find our first recycler of materials, which create various consumable items.

Random players and Chievo Eggcellent noted that simply fill the container with previously recycled material, accommodate those objects at least 4 batteries and ready, we will have twice as items which we entered. The gaming community has found that the glitch is present in the PC version and the PlayStation 4 so you can do if you are in trouble or just want to see how it works. This error is expected to disappear in a future update of Arkane Studios.

Prey Material Duplication Exploit Glitch



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