PokéVision, web application helps you locate Pokémons

PokéVision, web application helps you locate Pokémons

All those coaches who are interested in finding all the Pokémon available in the new mobile augmented reality application, may feel concerned by PokéVision, a new web platform that allows you to locate all pocket monsters found in your surroundings.

With this locator Pokémon GO , which uses the API Niantic, you’ll see the map of any location you select Pokémon and discover all that is in several kilometers around. But that’s not all, you’ll see the time left for them to disappear.

Naturally, the time of occurrence of each Pokémon changes according to their rarity, so after several minutes might miss the chance to catch them, hence the usefulness of timers that appear in every creature.

This platform is very easy to use, because only have to place the locator anywhere, and scan the map for Pokemon.

In some cases the page may fail to deploy pocket monsters due to overload servers, as many fans are making use of PokéVision, but developers have already committed to improve the situation.

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