At October 4th, PS Plus Subscribers will be receiving this awesome line ups of games.
For the PS4 users, you will be getting a HD Remake of Resident Evil.
You will be playing as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine in a Mansion
full of Zombies and Creepy Stuff. And if you are fun of the Transformer the Movie,
PS4 users will also be getting Transformers Devastation.
As for the previous console the PS3, the will be getting From Dust
which you will be playing as a Tribes Man seeking the lost
knowledge of your ancestors. Then there is Mad Riders,
players control ATV and race other ATV's around different tracks.

Let's not forget about the PS Vita. Vita will be getting
Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth which is a
a visual novel otome game (otome means targets the female demographic).
published by Aksysgames and created by Idea Factory and Design Factory.
And lastly, Actual Sunlight is an indie adventure game. It was first
released on the Steam back in 2014.

- Resident Evil HD (PS4)
- Transformers Devastation (PS4)
- From Dust (PS3)
- Mad Riders (PS3)
- Code: Ralize ~ Guardians of Rebirth~ (Vita)
- Actual Sunlight (Vita)



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