Players sabotage Red Bull and Destiny campaign

Players sabotage Red Bull and Destiny campaign and acquire many codes.

As you know, Bungie launched a controversial advertising campaign with Red Bull, which provides access to a new mission for the DLC The Taken King by printed codes on cans of the energy drink. NeoGAF users decipheredoperation such codes and now the players take advantage of it.

Apparently, anyone can create their own code of Red Bull for Destiny, this without having to buy anything.Amazingly, it’s as simple as gathering some letters and numbers in a specific pattern to work. Later, simply redeem the code at Red Bull site.

However, take into account the codes that people have created, most likely correspond to cans that are for sale somewhere. This means that those who followed this method will possibly indirectly stole their code to someone else.

Currently the site of Red Bull is not available, obviously due to the high traffic that must suffer at this time. It will be interesting to see how Bungie respond to those affected.

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