You measure four centimeters high and you have to explore a world in which every hazard you think giant.A task impossible? Not when you have 100 little friends as charming and as tireless obey your orders …

 Pikmin 3 Review

The July 21, 1969 mission commander Neil A. Armstrong and pilot Edwin E. Jr. Aldrin were the first humans to set foot on the Moon , while teammate Michael Collins orbiting satellite awaited them in the command module of the mission Apollo 11 . Today, 44 years later, these three men are symbolizing the spirit of discovery and the need to colonize the unknown that characterizes the human race. And you, dear reader, you resemble them more than what you yourself think. When you go into a new cave in Skyrim , when you penetrate in a pipe of any Super Mario … and, of course, when you explore the world of Pikmin . The summer’s most anticipated game for Wii U , Pikmin 3 , provides strategy, resource management and even a tad of action, but is concerned with exploring and discovering what offers every corner of your wonderful world, in the best tradition of the great titles in the history of Nintendo.

12 years ago the first Pikmin was released for the GameCube , fruit of the imagination of Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo EAD talent. That game and Pikmin 2, the sequel that came three years later, were different. Titles strategy and real-time scanning designed for play on console, set in natural landscapes that advanced extraterrestrial astronauts tiny by small creatures who accompanied them: the Pikmin . The two games are cult films, and his followers have waited almost a decade this new release. A game that gets point by point the mechanics of the original, but it also adds a lot of little details that make it the most complete saga.


The planet Koppai languishes. Its inhabitants have exploited natural resources irresponsibly and now face extinction. Three astronauts, Brittany biologist, engineer and Captain Charlie Alph, depart on a mission aboard the ship Drake to find varieties of fruit and replant in Koppai … and end up crashing into the planet of the Pikmin, divided into large natural areas shaped maze . Our tool for survival are precisely the Pikmin. Up to 100 can take over land in our character, with a button that launches them enemies and objects to interact automatically : if you attack an enemy, whether it is a barrier the demolished if a fruit is carried to our ship …

In this regard, it is noteworthy the first great success of the game , you already know if you played versions New Play Control! Pikmin and Pikmin 2 that came out for Wii. And it is extraordinarily good control on with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk . Pikmin 3 gives you the option to play with the stick and buttons on the Wii U Controller Pro Gamepad or … and the thing works. But using the nunchuk stick to move the astronaut and the Wii Remote to move the cursor that marks the point where the pikmin launched, the experience becomes quite intuitive . The Wii U Gamepad and interesting addition is offering a tactile map , and the set is possibly one of the best systems of control that you can enjoy any game … if not a console strategy game.


Hala, for we have come to the word strategy . I’ve always doubted that Pikmin is actually a game of this genre. I mean, one of the key development is used to Pikmin types suitable for each task, but the fact is that it is always clear which species need. They return three classical species: the Red , fireproof and fiercest in combat yellows , that conduct electricity and which, being lighter, can shoot higher, and blues , the only ones able to survive underwater. In addition, we have two new species: the rock Pikmin are the only ones capable of destroying the crystal and are therefore the most damage to a first impact. And the flying Pikmin are ideal for transporting our ship things quickly and to fight other flying creatures (though weak compared to the rest). Oh, and the white and purple Pikmin do not appear in the adventure , but in multiplayer modes, of which we speak then. The fact is that almost always is very clear that if we see an electrical barrier you have to use yellow pikmin or if the enemy throws fire, better resort to the Reds. Where is the difficulty then?


The “crumb” of Pikmin 3 is in two aspects: the exploration of scenarios and our time management . The first Pikmin gave you 30 days of game time for the protagonist Olimar got all the pieces of his ship. If not … then I touched you managed to start the game again from the beginning. This time restriction disappeared in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3 has been chosen a hybrid method that works quite well. At all times, the crew of the Drake has one main goal, which is achieved by reaching a certain point in the scenario. For example, where does detect a radio signal. No time limit to reach it … but at the end of each day of the game (which takes about 20 minutes), our crew consumed a serving of juice it extracts from fruit harvested. So our main decision is what we spend our time and our pikmin : to advance the adventure, to find fruit picking pills falling flowers and the bodies of fallen foes to create new Pikmin …? We can not stand for a moment and we have to always have a balanced group of pikmin of all species, for which we can find … The sense of urgency, therefore, remains , but it is true that if you explore systematically looking fruit, you’ll get enough reserves to advance peace … unless you steal them. But that’s another topic. In addition, every day we play are saved so that we Rotomar the adventure from any of them … even if we lose data following days.

The other difficulty is in the exploration game, because the broad scenarios that divides the planet of the Pikmin are authentic mazes … not memorize easily. And perhaps here we find the single mismatch in a game of development measured mm: the camera is by far the astronaut who drove, turning when necessary. And although we have a button to place always at our backs, these changes do not help position us to become easily a map of the area metal. Realizing this, the game’s creators have added a feature on the map Touch Wii U Gamepad (drawn as we go): we note in him any position and our astronaut visited and automatically walk up to her.


Unique to this third installment is the presence of three astronauts . Although in the early stages of the game are separated, when they meet alternated their control at the touch of a button. This means we can divide into three groups and Pikmin quickly explore scenarios … right? Not really. O yes, if you are a more skilled player than me. The truth is that in my games I’ve only used equipment division when it was absolutely necessary (for example, using an astronaut to get in the water with a group of Pikmin water) or to automate some action (for example, pick up the new Pikmin are born in our database). Yes, there are many areas, usually with tasty fruits, which can only access by dividing the group into three, being the real utility to manage the three characters.


Frankly, I’m a little tired of celebrities “and HD”. That at this stage of life is sold as a great attraction that classic Nintendo franchises in HD we get does not seem a great idea. But that does not stop the jump graphic featuring Pikmin 3 is one of the elements that help make him the best of the franchise. It’s funny because the game does not need to make the most of the Wii U hardware to be beautiful . He is successful in blending the real places with fantasy creatures. The design of the Pikmin is bright, charming and perfectly animated, with those little noises that help tell your state … and enemies… It is certainly one of the most improved in this third installment . Almost all are based on real animals, but will add to your design all kinds of fantastic elements that give a touch of unreality to the game. Especially noteworthy are the final enemies : large and intimidating appearance, the battles with them can take several days of play (fortunately the damage they do remain from day to day) and are one of l os highlights of the adventure , completing the most varied and complete development of the saga.


Pikmin 3 delves into the multiplayer side and opened the second half with two different modes. The first is cooperative missions . Together with a friend and split screen (so we can quickly split up and cover more scenarios) we will face three tasks : collect fruits, kill all enemies in an arena and fight one of the leaders of the adventure. And the second, which we liked, is competitive: in the Battle of the Bingo , compete to complete before the goal line our board, made ​​up of fruits and enemies that we take our base. It is quite funny and although it’s a little thing to see our Pikmin fight each other, you play a few hours. Of course, the problem with all modes is that it has few levels, in addition to being only in local network. A pity, because Nintendo has implemented interesting mechanical in this regard and would molado they had more content. At least the fans will appreciate that, in these modes, you can manage Luis, Olimar and Pikmin purple and white .


That this is the best Pikmin. A Nintendo has not been necessary to revolutionize the formula, but just polish it and add some improvements . And as it is a saga still little exploited, there is no trace of tiredness. Oh by the way, if you wonder what has become of Olimar and Luis, Protas of previous releases a sort of Mario and Luigi space … they do not want to bust a game, but let’s say that you are getting some answers during the adventure. And the story, while not essential to the game mechanics, it does have more importance than in previous installments, plus a sense of humor and a touch green.

And that’s it. That’s the worst: that Pikmin 3 is finished . Take about 20 hours of gameplay, takes a little multiplayer … and wait for a new installment of the franchise. Above, as it is very, very addictive, it leaves you wanting more. But let’s see, so which one? Are not we tired of franchises for exploited? So the brightness of Pikmin is so special and I remember both, because it is rare. The wait will make the next scan is even more exciting.




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