Payday Right Acquired by Starbreeze Studios

Starbreeze Studios, the developer and Swedish distributor, announced that it reached an agreement with 505 Games to acquire the rights to the franchise payday in exchange for $30 million in company shares.

In a statement, Starbreeze stressed that once recover the costs of development and marketing of Payday 3 , 505 will receive 33% of all profits Payday 3 to $40 million.

What does the above? Starbreeze now have complete control over Payday 2, Payday for mobile and future installments of the series, either for development or marketing issues. That said, 505 Games will remain the distributor Payday 2: Crimewave Edition and all profits generated by this title will be divided between the two companies.

Payday is very close to my heart and laid the foundation for the success of Starbreeze in recent years. We are excited to bring our thieves to safety , “said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze. “First, we believe in the continued success of Payday 2, and will continue providing support for 18 months to keep expanding the game.”

To celebrate this announcement, Starbreeze and Overkill launch the update 100 for Payday 2, which come grenades community and the content of the Black Market will be free. So controversial microtransactions disappear from the shooter.


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