This New Paper Mario Sticker Star Game is one that I want to get my hands on.

Paper Mario Sticker Star

This game uses the 3d and 2d of the 3ds really well and should be a great fun in ether 2d or 3d fun. this game even adds to the way you play to paper Mario by adding stickers that you can find in random places and even grow some stickers. These stickers will be your main source of winning the game. there are also key stickers if i can call them stickers all I know is that they are paper like items that you will have to found to get to the next part of the game like a fan or bridge.

You can also get the jump on the battle by jumping on your enemy’s before they get to you and even getting some extra damage plus a free hit afterwards. You do have a limited amount of stickers you have and will have to be careful to restock on your stickers after enough battles. Paper Mario: sticker star is a role-playing game where you can run around and talk to people and some might even give you a sticker on your way to beat the game. This game comes out 11/11/12 and I want my hands on this game.

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