Overwatch Competitive Mode Details

The competitive mode got Overwatch is coming, and now director Jeff Kaplan explained some of the news that the game will arrive soon. There will be changes in the length of seasons and how to define your competitive mode ranking.

So, if you were present during the Beta of Overwatch , you know that each season lasted only a month. Now, each season will be available for 2 and a half months, with 2 week break between each. In addition, they will be adjusted to the real world seasons, ie from December to February is the winter season.

Another change is that in the competitive mode try to minimize sudden deaths, and when it happens, will be held on the same map that you just played. The Assault mode will also have new features, and now encounters last longer while teams will have more opportunities during the game.

Moreover, the competitive ranking system change to put aside progression rate levels and add a skill that will help determine against whom you fight. In addition, if the items are not balanced according to ability, the underdog will receive more reward, and if defeated, will lose less.

Obviously, to participate in the competitive game get aesthetic rewards, such as graffiti, icons and golden weapons;you must pay close attention, because there will be exclusive rewards per season.

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