Outriders Demo Details – What To Expect, Classes, Cross-Play and more

outriders Demo Details

If you are looking for the outriders demo details and what to expect when it releases on February 25th. So we have a lot of questions that we need answers before the outriders demo is out. Below you can find a complete Q&A and a video going over the outriders demos what what we know so far.

  1. Release Date: Outriders will release on February 25th
  2. Will Progression carry over? Yes, any progression that you accomplish you will be able to carry over when the game releases.
  3. Are all the classes playable? And Yes they are. You can choose from any of the outriders in the demo.
  4. How big is the outriders Demo? You will be able to play upto chapter 2
  5. Are Expeditions available? No they are not and only when you play the game when it releases
  6. Platforms that it will be available. You can play the demo on (Xbox Series X, PS5, pc, Xbox one, PS4, stadia)
  7. Is cross-play available? yes it is available and you can play this game with all your friends in the demo.

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