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Outriders Best Class to Play As for your playstyle – GamerFuzion

Outriders Best Class to Play As for your playstyle

Lets go over on what is the best outriders class to play as and how each of the class that you choose is important as the type of level of skill you need. Outriders comes with four playable classes and each comes with 3 skill trees that you are able to choose.

Each outriders class has eight skills in total, starting with a single one and unlocking more as they level up. Only three can be equipped at a time. Each class has also three sub-classes you will be able to unlock with the skill tree, and you are free to change that at any time.

Outriders classes
Devastator: Close Range. Tank. Stand Your Ground.
Pyromancer: Medium Range. Conjurer. Fire.
Technomancer: Long Range. Support. Gadgets.
Trickster: Close Range. Hit & Run. Spacetime.

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