Outriders Amber Vault Legendary Double Gun Preview

Let’s take a look at the outriders amber vault legendary double gun and see what the preview brings us about this type of gun. Now you may ask yourself, what is a double gun and how does it work? Well before we get into that you can see how great the outriders weapon looks and the design looks great.

We can see by the details the power level of the gun that will drop in, the weapon mods and armor mods that has will help any of the outriders classes.

Outriders Amber Vault Legendary Double Gun Breakdown

Amber Vault Double Gun

FirepowerVariantFiring Mode
Clip SizeRPMDMGReloadCrit Mult.

Special Stats

Armor Pierce: 13%
Healing Received: 8.16%
Close Range Damage: 7%


  • Killing Spree
  • Brain-Eater

To know more about the details take a look a the video below, which it will explain in-depth more about this legendary gun:

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