Open Beta Announced for Nosgoth on January 21

Open Beta Announced for Nosgoth on January 21

Square Enix announced in a press release that the open Beta Nosgoth, multiplayer free-to-play PC, will begin on January 21 at 12:00 PM. The distributor did not announce which contain the testing phase, however, can download it for free via Steam.

Nosgoth is a PvP multiplayer where humans and vampires face in the violent world of the series Legacy of Kain. The player can choose to belong to a human team whose focus in battle is to use ranged weapons or, the vampire, who are inclined to hand combat. Both races are divided into classes to supplement, so a mechanic “sidegrades” is introduced-the skills they have acquired are not better than the other, they are simply diferentes– instead of “upgrades” to achieve a mode balanced game where player skill is favored.

Previously he left a closed Beta of Alpha and Beta versions of the game; however, to celebrate the start of the Open Beta, Psyonix, Developer Studio Nosgoth , will do a live stream of a game session at 1:30 PM. Double experience will be awarded in all games played during the week of release for players who decide to venture into the shadows of Nosgoth .

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