Open Beta announced fpr Trackmania Turbo

Open Beta announced for Trackmania Turbo

While Trackmania Turbo debut in less than a week, Ubisoft still has work to do to ensure that everything is perfect at launch. For this reason, the French company revealed that from March 18 to 21, all players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have access to the open Beta car title.

Like other trial periods, the open Beta of Trackmania Turbo will help Ubisoft to determine if your servers can tolerate the stress generated by thousands of players. This title has several forms online as a career and track editor.

The Beta will the initial checkered flag on March 18 at 7 am, when Mexico City (10 AM, local time in Santiago de Chile) and will end on 21 at the same time. To access the trial period all you have to do is download the clientTrackmania Turbo from the PlayStation Store or Xbox.

Although the title developed by Nadeo also come to PC, Ubisoft did not specify whether there will be an open Beta for this platform.

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