Nvidia PresentsTegra X1Chip at CES 2015

Nvidia, specializing in the development of graphics cards, announced at CES 2015 event technology that takes place in Las Vegas, its new graphics chip for mobile devices: Tegra X1. It is the successor of Tegra K1 presented in 2014 and the company says, is so powerful that take the graphic quality of the consoles to mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

The Tegra X1 chip is built with the same architecture used by desktop GPU, the GTX 980 and GTX 970 and, and supports DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.5; also have support for DirectX 12 when it is released. The new electronic device, revealed by Jen-Hsun Huang not only be graphically powerful but also very efficient, as it will have superior performance with little expenditure of energy.

The Japanese market for mobile games is proof of the changes underway in the industry and perhaps missing bit to see titles that run the same graph conditions both a console and a tablet. However, Nvidia will have to make an effort to position itself in the mobile market, as Qualcomm dominates the field of Android, while Apple devices use their own hardware.

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