Now it is more difficult to capture creatures in Pokémon GO

We know that the latest update of Pokémon GO was not well received by fans , then it removed the tracking option and ended the support for third party applications like Pokévision . But that’s not all, because the new update also adjusted catching Pokémon.

Users who use the application realized that, after the upgrade, catch Pokémon became more difficult adjustment that was not in the patch notes. Pocket Monsters now sidestep the Pokéballs more often, which translates to invest more articles and time to get the goal.

Finally, Niantic went to clarify this matter, and said that everything is a bug that came with the new update. “Coaches, a new bug is affecting the pitch accuracy, increasing the chances of escape and omitting the bonus XP,” said the study in Twitter. “We are working to fix it, stay tuned.”

The development team also said the battery-saving feature, which was removed after the update, will return soon.”We removed this feature because many users were experiencing problems, but we are very confident that a solution will come in the coming days,” said Niantic.

Recently, the study was criticized for not clearly announce changes in Pokémon GO and the reason thereof, due to a lack of communication that confused and angered some players.

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