Nioh The Three Souls Mission Walkthrough Strategy Guide

In this mssion for Nioh the three souls mission walkthrough will provide you with tip and tricks on completing the entire mission. The objective to this mission is to defeat the three children and your rewards by completing it gives you a Woman’s Face Visor, Small Soulstone x3, Earth Amulet x3 and 22200 gold and 14.088 de amrita. For more on Nioh and where to find the bonfire locations, boss Fights Guide, Kodama Locations and more follow the links.

Leave the area where the mission begins, go to the left to reach the central courtyard area and position yourself at the top of the bridge you will see in the middle.

From here you have to decide if you want to go the way of further background and dodge the umbrella that will make an ambush in the house at the back, or go the way of the middle and end wall with eyes that blocks your way .

In any case when you cross the yard will have to follow the road to the main house. In it you will see three small children that have to finish. Try not to leave them alive or will become giants.

When you’re done with the three children, have been transformed or not into giant will complete the mission.

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