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Tecmo Koei released new Nioh advances, and unveiled what rewards for players who finished the game demos will be.

Those who managed to win the Alpha demo receive the helmet Onryoma, while those who defeated the Beta demo Hinoenma get the helmet. There are images of both the end of this note.

In addition, the company showed a system called Appearance Copy, which allow players to change the appearance of your computer without changing the statistics of it.

During transmission, Koei Tecmo also revealed a new stage known as Iga, and even presented a battle against Great Toad, ie, the head of that area.

Nioh will be released for PlayStation 4 on February 7 in America, the 8th of the same month in Europe, and 9 in Japan. Meanwhile,  Koei Tecmo has planned another stream of the game on 20 December.

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