Nioh all Kodama Locations Guide – Kodama Leader Trophy

In this guide will provide you in Nioh all Kodama Locations that you will need to find in the game, once you find all the Kodama locations you will unlock the Kodama Leader trophy.

The Kodamas are one of the collectibles that we find along the main missions in Nioh. This collectible small frog are actually carrying a branch and wearing a cap on his head, to pick just have to find them and press the action button.

There are five different types of frogs, each with a different color cap. Each group gives us a different blessing that can change at any time at any altar of the game every time we want, after payment of 100 gold. For more on Nioh and where to find the bonfire locations, boss Fights Guide and more follow the links. The blessings are as follows:

Blessing of the oracle: the frogs are wearing a yellow hat. This blessing gives us an increase in the amount of amrit we found.

Blessing Swordsman: they Are the frogs wearing a red cap. This blessing increases the rate of appearance of weapons.

Blessing Warrior: they Are the frogs wearing a black cap color. This blessing increases the rate of appearance of armor

Healer ‘s Boon: Are the frogs wearing a white hat. This blessing increases the rate of occurrence of elixirs.

Blessing Hunter: they Are the frogs wearing a hat golden color. This blessing increases the rate of appearance of materials.

In total there is to find 150 Kodamas to get the Trophy Leader Kodama. Listed below are the location of each.

Nioh Kodama Locations – The Isle of Demons

Kodama 1: In the shed is to the right of the beach house where the mission begins.

Kodama 2: In the area of the mountain. Go to the shed that is on the wall on the right, from here go left and again left at the next intersection.

Kodama 3: In the fishing village. After climbing to the top roofs advances past the first walkway around the roof of the next house and the next roof find the Kodama.

Kodama 4: On the coast where the boat is. Upon reaching the coast to see the boats that are to the left and around the rock at the shore.

Kodama 5: On the coast where the boat is. Go to the right as you get to the area and up the ramp that is at the bottom, you end up seeing a wooden door you can open to create a shortcut and more to the right is the Kodama.

Nioh Kodama Locations – Between shadows

Kodama 1: Go through the mission to enter the first cave. Just with all the enemies and enter the tunnel on the right to reach a room with several trunks, with one of them will see the kodama.

Kodama 2: After getting the previous kodama follow the path through the tunnel, passes long wooden door and enter the next area you will see on your right. Here you will see a couple of enemies that you must destroy to get a key to open the wooden door that is above the previous kodama tunnels.

Kodama 3: Advances in the area until the gorge. According to advance it enters the last cave and look next to the trunk’s inside.

Kodama 4: Advances in the area to reach the wider area of the second cave. Upon arrival you will see a wooden ladder to your left, and move it down the gorge to find the Kodama.

Kodama 5: In the lower area of the second cave. Put yourself in the central and progresses through a tunnel you will see on the wall to the left to reach an area in which end is the Kodama.


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