Nioh Greater Demon Hunting Walkthrough Strategy Guide

in this mission for Nioh Greater Demon Hunting Walkthrough will provide you with the best strategy guide, tips and tricks to help you complete the  mission. Once you complete it you will be rewarded with Doji-kiri Yasutsuna (WIND), Armor Kaido (P): Do, Sake x1 Daion-jin. 21,700 gold and 3,068 of amrit. You main objective of this mission is to defeat Genyoki.  For more on Nioh and where to find the bonfire locations, boss Fights Guide, Kodama Locations and more follow the links.

In this mission your aim will be to defeat Genryoki boss, in this case the boss will not use steel balls and will be much faster and lethal than in the rest of previous fighting.

Of course the tactic to defeat him is the same as usual, of course when you take away a little life Sakata Kintoki appear to help defeat the boss. In the event that the fight costs you too much or you want to risk not let it be your companion who is also in charge if you come close to revive him die many times as you want.


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