Nioh The Giant Frog Brawl Walkthrough Strategy Guide

Follow Nioh The Giant Frog Brawl Walkthrough to know how to defeat it

In this mission for Nioh The Giant Frog Brawl walkthrough will show you how you can defeat it. Once you defeat the giant frog you will be rewarded with Master Ninja’s Locks, Yokai Water Pot and with Highest Quality Leather Kozane and with 2410 gold and 2860 Amrit. For more on Nioh and where to find the bonfire locations, boss Fights Guide, Kodama Locations and more follow the links.

How to defeat the Giant Frog Brawl guide

Your only goal in this mission will be to defeat the giant frog boss. The tactic to defeat him is the same as in the normal version, you only have to take that has more life and does more damage.

Unlike other missions of this type in this case you will have to fight the boss on your own, though it should not pose you no problem in defeating him. Remember to dodge to the right side to be more likely to dodge his attacks because he has his spear and dodge on the opposite sides.

The Giant Frog Brawl Tips

  • Stay away from his tunge by keeping distance
  • Slash back at him one he does his melee attack
  • Use potion
  • Don’t stan still when he attacks at you

Take a look at the video below that shows you the giant frog being defeated.

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