Nioh Evil Warding Bonfires Locations in Itsukushima

Nioh Evil Warding Bonfires Locations in Itsukushima

In this guide will show you how you can find all the Nioh Evil Warding bonfire locations in Itsukushima. There are three bonfire that you will need to find in Nioh and once you find them all you caill unlock the Keeper of the flame trophy and will make the boss fight a lot easier once you light up all the three bonfires in the game.

First Step – when you start the mission you will head to the shrine where you will get flight to light up the 3 bonfires that are in Itsukushima.

How to Turn on the Bonfires – You need to get close to them and press the circle button on your controller and you will turn them on.  This will unlock the bronze trophy called Keeper of the flame

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