Nioh The Disappearing Ranjatal Walkthrough Strategy Guide

In this mission for Nioh the disappearing Ranjatal walkthrough will guide you on completing it and and once you finish it you will be rewarded with Sandalwood Splinter x1, Fudo Kuniyuki & Yagen Toshiro (Fire), Master Onmyo Mage’s Locks x1. The main objective of this mission is to find the splinter sandalwood and once you find it you will be rewarded with 16400 gold and 12596 amrit.  For more on Nioh and where to find the bonfire locations, boss Fights Guide, Kodama Locations and more follow the links.

Find the Splinter sandalwood

Just start the mission progresses straight surrounds the first building and down the back stairs. Just with all the enemies that are in this courtyard and open the trunk from the bottom to find a Mukhina . Beat him to drop the Splinter sandalwood and pick it will complete the mission.

In the mission there are three trunks that tells you the game itself. Any of them has the same function and is the easiest to reach.

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