Nioh How to defeat all BOSS Fights Strategy Guide

In this guide you will see in Nioh all the boss fights and strategy guide on how you can defeat each of them in the game. Follow the video guide below that will provide you step by step on how you can defeat them in the game and acquire the corresponding trophies in the game. At the end of each main mission Nioh has to defeat a boss and they are all different. In some secondary missions and the missions sunset find more powerful versions of these same leaders but the tactic explained below for each is the same in any of the missions. For more on Nioh and where to find the bonfire locations and more follow the links.

Nioh Onryoki boss fight Guide

First phase

The main problem with this boss is how small the combat zone. Just start the fight go toward the enemy and when you see that going to attack with balls having arms tied to dodge the attack doing a backflip and hits his face a few times to fall stunned.

In the first phase of the boss fight focuses on attack with balls, you can try to crush you with one of them or even make them turn on itself twice. If you try to crush them only you have to dodge to either side to avoid suffering damage and incidentally to attack him a few times. If you perform the spin attack will be better covered but keep in mind that once lifted the chains with intent to spin them and will hurt you if you’re not covered.

Follows the course of the match taking into account these attacks and when I break the chains begin the second phase of the fight against Onryoki .

Second stage

At this stage you will see that Onryoki no longer performs the previous attacks.

In one of his new attacks usually pick up the steel balls and the launch you directly to your location, keep in mind that the time it takes to go for them is perfect to attack him. Try to dodge the steel balls being as far as possible and thus have more opportunity to attack him when you try to pick them up later.

The other of their attacks is based on hit with his fists. Usually it attacks with one of them in the same way I did before with steel balls and try to catch you. If you get some distance from the head perform a combo attack that ends with a diving header into the ground. It is very easy to dodge and also will be lying on the floor for a few seconds, when you should take the opportunity to attack him.

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