Nioh Blacksmith Guide – How use the blacksmith

Nioh Blacksmith Guide will help you on how use the blacksmith

The Blacksmith is unlocked automatically after completing the second main mission of the game. Thanks to the blacksmith we can create equipment of any kind and even better we have to make it more powerful and use it to help you upgrade better equipment.

Our recommendation before doing anything in the smithy is to make a backup of our departure. In case you do not get the objects you  want to always be more practical load the game and try again to go back to get more objects to accomplish what we want in the smithy. For more on Nioh and where to find the bonfire locations, boss Fights Guide, Kodama Locations and more follow the links.

Nioh Blacksmith Functions:

Buy and sell: This option to buy weapons, armor, various objects, special objects. The option of selling allows you to sell any type of objects, but do not have the blacksmith for sale. If you sell something by mistake you can buy it back from the blacksmith.

Forging: This option allows you to create weapons, armor and tools using the materials you find during the game or when removing equipment of any kind.

Soul Match: This option allows you to combine two weapons soul or two pieces of armor to make it more powerful. When combined must take into account the properties of each element to be combined.

Reforge: This option allows you to modify not inherited from your weapons and armor effects. To change the effects will make you missing fragments spirit iron and gold. Note that the effect you get by forging is totally random.

Dismount: This option allows you to disassemble any weapon or armor to get the materials with which it is built. The game itself tells you the materials you get to unmount and depending on the quality of the object will be better or worse the materials you get.


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