Nintendos New NFC platform for show at E3 2014 Announced

Nintendos New NFC platform for show at E3 2014 Announced

Figurines Nintendo Platform, or how to use the NFC technology in the best known figures of Nintendo characters to work on different sets of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

It has been hard, but Nintendo has finally one of its trump cards: Nintendo Platform Figurines ( NFP for friends), or what is the same, its most emblematic figures of characters using technology NFC can interact with Wii U and Nintendo 3DS for different purposes depending on the game turn.

Plans for Nintendo with NFC began to unfold nearly two years ago, at E3 2012, when we introduced the mythical unspecified action figure with which Satoru Iwata and company burst into laughter videos that had been prepared for the occasion. Two years later, is set to become a reality after a timid isolated tests on some titles.

The presentation of the NFP has been carried out during the recent meeting of investors, who not only left us with bad results financially Nintendo . During that meeting, the Japanese company used the same figure of Mario in different games. Displaying the image that you have on these lines, official first of the Nintendo Figurines Platform has made ​​public Chris Kohler on Twitter , we can guess that New Super Mario Bros. U , Super Mario 3D World and a third title to be identified shall be consistent with this new range of ‘playable toys’.


The use of technology NFC already has a few years on the rise in the world of consoles thanks to Skylanders , Disney Infinity and to a lesser degree, LEGO City Undercover and Pokémon Rumble U . Nintendo has a lot of characters and franchises and charismatic world known, so the time to take advantage of it has come, in addition to getting attract collectors of figures. The decorative factor, for better or worse, also counts.

Figurines Platform Nintendo hit Wii U later this year and Nintendo 3DS in the next, revitalizing certain way the oldest catalog (at least with respect to the securities of the company itself) of both platforms by adding different functionalities depending on the figures. At E3 2014 we will know more about it, which is a topic that can go a long way and a forthcoming betting the company’s new strategy . What do you think?

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